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Privacy Policy

In case you want more information about Digitbitz and have any questions regarding our website or content, feel free to contact us on our official email:

At Digitbitz, we have an immense realization of how important is our visitor’s privacy, and it is for this exact reason we have mentioned the type & kind of information we collect, store and utilize.

The Data We Collect

The sole reason for collecting user’s data is to improve our site’s experience for the visitors themselves and to enhance our services. Automated data is collected via the cookies that are stored on your computer which contain certain automated data. These cookies generally contain data related to: (1) the browser you used to access our site (2) language (3) duration of the visit (4) date and time in which the site was accessed (5) the number of clicks (6) IP addresses. Bear in mind that no such data is collected which links to any information that is personally identifiable and directs towards any specific visitor.

If you visit us through your mobile devices, we may receive information such as the device with which you accessed our site and location. This data is solely collected to serve you personalized content and make information on our site relevant and in accordance to the visitors.

We do not share any specific data or information with any third party providers or our affiliates except if it’s required by law. If such a situation does arise where we are required by law to share any such information, we will only proceed taking your consent, consideration and permission.

How We Utilize Your Data

Our sole purpose to collect specific data points regarding our visitors is to improve our site’s performance for our users, enhance their experience and provide our readers with the best content. We only collect data through some of our automated channels via user participation on all ends which is later utilized to enhance the experience for our users. Bear in mind that we strictly do not share your information or data with any third party site, affiliates or any other service. Your data, information is always kept confidential.

Moreover, we use the data to bring the best content for our visitors and serve them with relevant and interesting content types which they may like and iterate content pieces based on user’s preferences.

How Digitbitz Protects Your Data

We have left no stones unturned when it comes to protecting the data of our users and we are continuously working to improve the security of our systems to protect it against any exploitation or breaches. Still if you have any questions regarding our processes and security infrastructure, you can contact us via contact[@] as we are available 24/7 to assist you in matters related to your online security and privacy.