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Is Peacock TV Available in Northern Ireland?

Sadly, Peacock TV is blocked in Ireland but don't worry, we have the solution for travelers and expats. By subscribing to the secure and budget-friendly VPN Service you can access it from anywhere in Ireland.

Peacock TV Ireland

Peacock TV, a popular streaming platform, unfortunately, isn’t accessible to viewers in Ireland due to its geographical restrictions that confine its services exclusively to the United States. This limitation means that individuals located in Ireland are unable to access Peacock TV’s wide array of shows and movies directly. However, for those keen on experiencing Peacock TV’s content, there’s an option to utilize a VPN service such as SurfShark. By connecting through SurfShark’s US servers, Irish viewers can effectively bypass the geographical constraints and gain access to Peacock TV in Ireland.


How to Unblock and Watch Peacock TV In Ireland?

Given Peacock’s limitation to the US, here’s how to stream Peacock TV shows in Ireland

  1. Enroll in a secure VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and log in to the VPN application.
  3. Choose a US server from the VPN’s server list.
  4. Locate and launch Peacock, then log in to your account.
  5. Enjoy your preferred shows and experience Peacock in Ireland.[End_Highlighter]
Unblock Peacock in IrelandStream in 4K HD without buffering

Top Working VPNs To Access Peacock in Ireland

  • ExpressVPN: 24 USA Server Locations @ [ExpressVPN_Price].
  • SurfShark: 3200+ Servers in 100 Countries @ [Surfshark_Price].
  • NordVPN: 5699 Ultra-fast Servers in 60 Countries @ [NordVPN_Price].
  • CyberGhost: 7,000+ VPN Servers in 90 Countries @ [CyberGhost_Price].
  • PureVPN: 6,500+ Servers in 70+ Countries @ [PureVPN_Price].

How Much is Peacock? (Updated Cost in Euro)

The cost of Peacock TV in Ireland varies depending on the plan you select. Here’s a breakdown of the Peacock TV subscription prices for each plan:

Plan NamePeacock Free PlanPeacock TV Premium PlanPeacock Premium Plus Plan
Price in US Dollars$4.99/mo or $49.9/yr$9.99/mo or $99.99/yr
Price in Euros€4.63/mo or €46.3/yr€9.27/mo or €135.2/yr

Subscribing to Peacock TV, offers you access to an enchanting world of entertainment. The platform features popular TV series such as the well-received game show “The Wall Season 5,” blockbuster movies, live sports, and even live TV broadcasts.

Peacock TV Subscription Plans Peacock offers an assortment of plans designed to cater to various preferences and budgets. Additionally, newcomers can avail themselves of a Peacock TV free trial in Ireland. Here’s an overview of the plans Peacock provides:

How to Enjoy Peacock TV on Different Devices?

Peacock TV can be enjoyed on various devices in Ireland, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, and more. Here’s a list of devices compatible with Peacock TV in Ireland:

How to Use Peacock TV on iOS?

  • Select a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN for subscription.
  • Download and log in to the VPN app.
  • Open the VPN app, connect to a US server (New York is recommended).
  • Change your Apple ID location to the US.
  • Search for the Peacock TV iOS app on the App Store.
  • Install the app and sign in.
  • Enjoy Peacock TV on your iOS device in Ireland!

Download Peacock TV on Android and other OS Devices?

  • Choose a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and log in to the VPN app.
  • Connect to a US server (New York or Dallas are recommended).
  • Create a new Google Play Store account.
  • Search for the Peacock TV Android app on the Google Play Store.
  • Download and sign in to the app.
  • Enjoy Peacock TV on your Android device in Ireland!

How to Unblock Peacock TV on Smart TV?

  • Choose a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to download.
  • Use the VPN to connect to a US server (New York is recommended).
  • Access your Wi-Fi router’s admin settings.
  • Connect your router to the VPN network.
  • Install the Peacock TV app on your Smart TV.
  • Enjoy limitless entertainment with Peacock TV on your Smart TV in Ireland!

How to Install Peacock TV on Firestick?

  • Open Firestick and go to the search option.
  • Enable unknown sources, install ExpressVPN, and connect to a US server.
  • Search for the Peacock TV app on Firestick.
  • Download and sign in to the app.
  • Enjoy Peacock TV on Firestick in Ireland!

Tested and Secure VPNs to Get Access Peacock Ireland?

We extensively evaluated over 50 VPNs based on factors like speed, server coverage, pricing, and reliability to bring you the three best VPNs for seamless Peacock TV streaming in Ireland. These VPNs ensure smooth access to Peacock TV content without any interruptions.

SurfShark: Very low-cost and reliable service, Allows unlimited simultaneous connections with Vast network 3200+ servers collection across 65+ countries. Offering a budget-friendly plans from US$2.49/mo (83% Off on 2 Years Plan) including Secure AES-256 Encryption and strict no-logs policy.


Can Peacock TV in Ireland be accessed using a free VPN?

Certainly, you can attempt to utilize a free VPN to access Peacock TV in Ireland. However, we strongly advise against relying on free VPNs due to their inherent limitations and unreliability. Often, these free VPNs offer limited server options and may compromise the security of your online activities. Therefore, it’s more prudent to choose a premium VPN service that guarantees enhanced security and dependable performance.

When can we expect Peacock TV to be accessible in Ireland?

While there were preliminary plans for Peacock TV to be made available in Ireland, no official communication has been provided regarding its launch. As a result, individuals interested in enjoying Peacock TV content in Ireland can employ a trustworthy VPN service with US-based servers. This approach enables them to bypass the geographic limitations and enjoy Peacock TV in Ireland.

Indeed, Peacock TV offers a free plan that provides access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, exclusive premium content on Peacock TV necessitates a paid subscription. To access Peacock TV from outside the US, you can use a VPN to circumvent the geographical restrictions.

Indeed, utilizing a VPN to watch Peacock TV in Ireland is perfectly legal. Employing a VPN to enhance online security and access geo-restricted content holds no legal constraints. Additionally, a VPN is the primary solution for overcoming geographic restrictions and unlocking content from around the world.

Final Wordings

In the realm of streaming services, Peacock TV stands as a prominent contender, boasting an expansive array of offerings ranging from captivating movies and shows to live sports and engaging events.

This comprehensive guide has meticulously elucidated the necessary procedures and insightful recommendations for accessing Peacock TV in Ireland through the utilization of a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN. With these actionable steps at your disposal, there’s no reason to delay. Equip yourself with a dependable VPN, embark on the outlined journey, and relish boundless streaming possibilities with Peacock TV!