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How to Get My Dedicated IP VPN? SurfShark The Only Choice at This Time

Dedicated IP VPN

Normally, when you connect to a VPN server, your IP address shifts every time. This is deliberately done by the VPN providers to avoid the cost of providing the same IP to the same user. As a result, you end up with an IP that has already been used or that someone else will use after you. Because of this, many streaming services and websites that handle sensitive data, like internet banking, blacklist these shared IP addresses to prevent any suspicious behavior.

A dedicated IP VPN reduces the probability that your VPN connection will be refused by US Netflix and other popular streaming services, Plus helps prevent denial of service (DoS) errors, and enables you to access online services that may be geographically restricted.

In order to accomplish this, many VPN providers give you an option to upgrade your VPN subscription with a static IP that is only private to you and cannot be assigned to anyone else. However, you must ensure that a dedicated IP VPN is trustworthy and reliable in terms of security, privacy, and speeds.

Dedicated IP VPN

In order to guide you, we’ve tested several VPNs from a number of reliable providers, including NordVPN, which provides a dedicated IP without compromising on the security.

Best Dedicated IP VPNs: Get That Suits You by Budget

  1. NordVPN: Enjoy Risk-free Online Reputation @ $3.89/mo
  2. SurfShark: A Static IP Address that’s Yours @ $3.75/mo
  3. PureVPN: A Higher Degree of Server Control @ $2.94/mo
  4. CyberGhost: No More IP Blacklist and CAPTCHAs @ $2.50/mo
  5. PIA VPN: A Static IP that Only you Can Access @ $2.50/mo

5 Steps to Get your Dedicated IP Address VPN

To set up a dedicated IP address VPN, first you need a VPN with dedicated IP included in the package or as an add-on. Getting a VPN with a dedicated IP address is as simple as buying a standard VPN, with some additional but simple steps as follows.

  • Get subscription of a VPN that have the Dedicated IP Address, DigitBitz recommend you to use NordVPN OR SurfShark.
  • Select a plan that is suitable as per your need.
  • On the checkout page, look for the add-ons that says “Dedicated IP” and click the Add button. See screenshot below for reference.
NordVPN Static IP Subscription

Note: If you currently have an active NordVPN subscription, you will need to sign up with a temporary account and then contact customer care to have the IP moved to your primary account. Alternatively, just click here to this job, and NordVPN will take 1-3 business days to get it transferred to your active account.

  • Complete the payment and head over to your account’s dashboard for configuring the dedicated IP.
  • Now download the NordVPN App and start using a vpn with dedicated IP for setting up your website, file server, game server and much more.

Note: Following steps are limited to NordVPN only but the majority of VPN companies that offer a dedicated IP follow the same instructions. Visit their website for a detailed guide on subscribing and setting up a dedicated IP address.

Are There any Free Dedicated IP VPN?

You might be able to discover a free VPN that does provide some static IPs, but static IPs make it easier to trace your online activities back to you, and it’s widely known that free VPNs store logs about their users in order to track them and generate revenue.

In addition to tracking, Free VPNs are renowned for leaking information about its customers and not encrypting traffic. Because of this, using a free VPN puts your data and the personal safety of your devices at high risk. Therefore, even if you are able to find a free vpn with static IP, we strongly advise against using it without taking into account its track record and privacy policies.

Nord VPN Dedicated IP: Take Control Into your Own Hands

NordVPN Dedicated IP

Out of hundreds, NordVPN is on top of the list when we talk about dedicated IP address because it has 10 locations for your dedicated IP including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, Netherlands and several others. In addition, NordVPN is exceptionally secure; it executes authentication using additional hash algorithms and AES-256 encryption.

NordVPN is known for being among the fastest VPNs available today in terms of performance. It offers some of the fastest speeds we’ve ever experienced thanks to its unique NordLynx protocol, which is based on super-fast WireGuard.

You can get this fully-featured and most-secure NordVPN dedicated IP Address for as low as $3.99/month when you subscribe for its 2-year plan.

Get your Dedicated IP2-year plan ($3.89/mo) + 3 EXTRA months

SurfShark Dedicated IP: Stops others from Abusing your IP

SurfShark Static IP

With more than 1,700 servers spread across 63 nations, Surfshark offers free static IP addresses from Germany, the US, the UK, Japan, and Singapore. Speeds are fairly fast, and since there is no connection cap, you are free to receive a static IP address for whatever device you own.

The inclusion of 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch by Surfshark demonstrates how seriously it takes your security. It also boasts an automatic virus scanning, a NoBorders mode (for getting around severe online restrictions), and a strict no-logging policy. If you are stuck in setting up a dedicated IP address, Surfshark 24/7 live chat support is there to dig you out.

Last but not least, this VPN with a static IP is available at surprisingly lowest price for as low as $3.75/month with free static IP address and that too with unlimited simultaneous connection. What else do you need? Get the offer now before it’s too late!

Get your Dedicated IP NowSave 82% + 1 Month Free

PureVPN Dedicated IP: Enjoy Smoother Browsing Experience

PureVPN Dedicated IP

PureVPN is a Singapore based service provider and the dedicated IP address option is an add-on to a standard subscription and is charged on a per-address basis. The dedicated IP address locations are available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

With Military Grade 256-Bit Encryption and No log policy, PureVPN has an ocean of useful feature that includes but are not limited to Malware Protection, Advanced IPsec & IKEV Protocols, Smart Connect Feature, Internet Kill Switch, and a Dedicated Kodi App.

PureVPN is available at surprisingly very cheap price for only a buck for a month if you subscribe to its longest Yearly plan which is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee to secure your purchase. For a dedicated IP address, you need to pay $2.94 more a month in which you get a port forwarding option as a complement.

Buy PureVPN Dedicated IPSave 77% + 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Methodology to Select the Best Dedicated IP Address

The selection procedure for each VPN varies slightly due to their packages and offerings. However, when selecting the top dedicated IP VPNs for our ranking, we considered the following factors:

  1. Offering Dedicated IP Address: While some VPNs do provide static IP services, not all of them are reliable. Therefore, we only included the best ones in our collection that ensure a handful of features with easy-to-use applications.
  2. Security and Privacy: Although privacy is not a major concern for users looking for a dedicated IP address VPN, we had to make sure to only choose VPNs that do not steal your data.
  3. Speedy Servers/locations: Speed is something which can not be sacrificed in search of dedicated IP VPNs as the majority of the users deploy dedicated IP to host different types of servers for which speed is the most critical factor. The VPNs in our list provide blazing fast speeds without affecting much of the base internet speed.
  4. Strict No-log Policy: It would be very easy for hackers to track your actions since you will have a unique IP address that only belongs to you. Selecting a no-logs VPN that strictly adheres to the policy and doesn’t store any information about its users’ online activities is crucial in selecting best dedicated IP VPNs.
  5. Pricing plan: Some VPNs charge extra for a dedicated IP, so you’ll need to pay for both a normal VPN subscription and a dedicated IP subscription. Therefore, we have tried to provide you with the options that offer both services at reasonable prices.

Dedicated IP Vs. Shared IP: Know Before Getting It

A dedicated IP address is exclusively assigned to a single user or company, which means that they are the only ones using that IP address to send emails or engage in other online activities. This provides the user with greater control over their online reputation and allows them to monitor and manage their sending practices more closely.

On the other hand, a shared IP address is used by multiple users or companies, which means that they all share the same IP address for all types of online activities. This can make it more difficult to monitor individual sending practices, and if one user engages in spamming or other suspicious behavior, it can impact the deliver-ability of all users.

Overall, the choice between a dedicated IP address and a shared IP address depends on factors such as the size of the company, the volume of emails being sent, and the level of control and monitoring needed over online reputation and deliver-ability.

It totally depends on how you’re going to use a VPN for. If your purpose is to only unblock streaming services or hiding your online identity, then you certainly don’t need a dedicated IP address. On the other side, dedicated IP may be a good idea if you frequently encounter denial of service issues when streaming, bothersome captchas, and login verification.

No, using a dedicated IP will not make your internet connection faster. The only function of dedicated IP address VPN is to provide you a unique IP address which is not shared amongst different users.

The cost of a dedicated IP might range from $1 to $6 per month on average.

In a broad sense, using a dedicated IP VPN is safe. Your ISP won’t be able to see what you do online, and you’ll be able to get around any website blockages or Geo-restrictions in your selected dedicated IP location while maintaining the same level of encryption as if you were routinely using a VPN.