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Best China VPN: Unblock Everything in just $2.05/Month

Best China VPN: Unblock Everything in just $2.05/Month

Are you planning to travel? Or packing your bags for your next business trip or vacation to China? If yes make sure you must be aware of how China’s strict internet censorship will affect your stay. For this reason, it is very useful to download one of the best VPN China before visiting. Apart from streaming sites many websites and social platforms are completely censored like Facebook and Twitter Google and YouTube and even news channels such as the BBC and the New York Times. These are all blocked due to geo-restriction and a user can’t access them due to the strong censorship service named “Chinese firewall”. So, if you want to make your trip a good one all you need is a VPN China to get around these strict Geo-restrictions and get full access to all the blocked sites. A Chinese VPN encrypts all your internet activities without logging any information and protects your data from getting into the hands of the Chinese government.

Best Chinese VPNs: Selected after 29 Hours of Analysis and Testings

  • Surfshark: Cheapest and best Chinese VPN.
  • NordVPN: offers great security without affecting performance.
  • Windscribe: unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • VPN: Proprietary tunneling protocol set.
  • ExpressVPN: Best VPN to access in China.

1. SurfShark: Always The Fastest VPN Service Provider for China

If you are tight on budget but still looking for the fastest VPN service to continue your streaming in China. Surfshark is the best option for you. This is because it is affordable and effective with the fastest speed. It’s significantly cheaper than its competitors; it costs $2.50 per month. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new VPN for China? Don’t worry you can add Surfshark to the countdown.

Moreover, once you start using SurfShark you’ll experience how smooth and fast it is. You can easily stream your favorite video content without buffering. This is because Surfshark has masses of servers over 3,200. In fact, it has worked on its services to make it a high-quality service so that you can get access to all the geo-restricted sites.


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NordVPN: The 2nd but Most Trusted Service Provider in China

NordVPN is a VPN giant with over 5,000 servers in 60 countries. Despite this fact, NordVPN is one of the strongest VPNs. So if you are looking for a VPN whose servers are fast, reliable, and the service works very well, NordVPN is the right option for you. More importantly, this VPN meets your privacy needs. You can use NordVPN safely online in China with its verified no-logs policy and OpenVPN encryption.


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3. ExpressVPN: Expensive VPN Service Provider for China

Looking for a VPN service to access all the Geo-blocking channels? ExpressVPN is the Best VPN for China. This is because having scattered servers makes ExpressVPN a great option to get around China’s strict web restrictions. Its connection is also very fast. Despite the fact, it is a little more expensive than other VPN servers, it’s very easy to set up and use if you are looking for an all-around VPN service.

Moreover, if you are stuck between any issue it also offers useful 24/7 live chat help and does a great job of bypassing Geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN’s ability to bypass blocked websites is unmatched by its competitors, and it can even bypass Geo-restrictions that stop you from watching your favorite Netflix or live sports from home when you are in China. If you are not sure about using ExpressVPN don’t worry it offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days of use.


Tested VPN to Access Netflix in China

Are you a Netflix user but can’t watch due to geo-restriction in china? Well don’t worry, ExpressVPN is a great budget VPN for Chinese users. It offers a huge network of 5,200+ servers in over 60 countries. Although the provider is known for its secure access to multiple Netflix libraries, including US and UK catalogs. If we can’t connect to a library that matches your selected server, you’ll be redirected to the US Netflix site. This is convenient because it means any server will work with Netflix. In this way, you can easily watch your favorite content.

Can I Use a Free VPN Service in China?

Yes, you can use a free VPN in China. Moreover, VPN providers have to use different technologies and encryption protocols to get around the restrictions introduced by China. Free VPNs usually don’t offer these features. The free VPN has basic encryption ways and easily detectable connection protocols, making them unmatched by the massive force of China’s Internet police.

Another problem with free VPN providers is their unreliability. You will often lose your connection, leaving you vulnerable online. The best VPNs include a kill switch feature that prevents you from being tracked down if your connection drops. They don’t usually offer customer support, so if you have a problem, no one can help you. In short, you can use a free VPN but as you know you get what you pay for so using a free VPN can be risky in China. The best VPN for China requires a subscription to a reputable paid service.

Why Do I Need VPN Service in China?

In China, all the communication services including the Internet are controlled by the government. They have a censorship service known as ‘The Great Firewall’ which records all inbound and outbound Internet traffic between China and other countries. Moreover, due to this censorship, there are many websites and social networks which are blocked which enable users to stream their favorite video content. To get unlimited internet access in China, you need a reliable VPN. The VPN in China helps you access all blocked content, and you can get in touch with your loved ones in other countries. The VPN in China protects your internet traffic and data from snoopers and government surveillance.

Which VPN Is the best for Streaming in China Region

There are varieties of video content in libraries of famous streaming sites. that are unavailable in other regions. Therefore when looking for VPNs for China, you should check their unblocking capabilities.
Moreover, the list below is the VPNs when it comes to streaming in China, you can access your streaming channel from any corner of the world:

Netflix✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Amazon Prime Video✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Disney+✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Hulu✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
HBO Max✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
BBC iPlayer✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes

How We Tested and Selected the VPNs that Works in China

If you are looking for the best VPN for China but don’t know how to test and select it, the list below will explain how you can choose the best VPNs to use in China.

Security: If you use an unreliable VPN in China it can cause many problems. While selecting your VPN make sure that it does have secure tunneling protocol, a strong kill switch, and leak protection.

Speed: Despite the fact while using a VPN service you’ll witness your connection will slow down to some degree. For this reason, we recommend choosing the fastest VPNs. This is because you have some speed left for streaming or torrenting after your VPN beats the Great Firewall.

Streaming: Many people in China just want to watch Netflix. So if your VPN can’t handle Geo-blocking, check out the VPN which can help you to unblock Geo-blocking. Also, note that some VPN servers also unlock more Netflix libraries worldwide. That means you’re more likely to find the movie or TV show you want.

Torrent: Despite the fact, P2P blocking is not allowed all over the world and if we talk about torrenting in China it is one of the worst countries to do so luckily, you can download fast, free and safe with a reliable VPN.

Customer Care: China is strict when it comes to VPNs, so you may experience troubles while using VPNs you’ve never experienced so 24/7 customer support is essential. While selecting VPN make sure you don’t settle for less than one live chat option. This is because you have to wait days to resolve your issue.

Price: Saving money should not mean choosing less secure or private options when choosing a VPN for China. Always compare the price and other features before choosing the VPN for China.

Internet Surveillance Laws in China

If you are a resident of China you must be aware of the fact that Internet Surveillance law is very strict in China. There is Mass surveillance in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) which is a network of surveillance systems that help the Chinese government to monitor Chinese citizens. China surveils its citizens via the internet, cameras, and other digital technologies.

Telcos Must Retain Usage History

All Telcos in China are owned by governments, so they can monitor all traffic and block specific websites. Unfortunately, the blocked lists include Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and YouTube. Moreover, all your activities are under observation by the government. They store your history most importantly, you don’t have online privacy because Chinese online surveillance devices are also looking at your activities.

ISPs Actively Send Warnings on P2P Activities

Many users use the P2P method to download files, software, or movies, which is a crime in China. This falls under China’s copyright law. The owner of the content can send users a legal notice from ISPs warning them that their accounts are associated with infringing activities such as illegal downloads. Despite the fact, all your internet activities are not private. The Chinese ISP monitors all the data you share and receive online. Moreover, ISP watches your data depending on the types of websites you visit and whether they are encrypted.

If you are looking for a fast VPN for China, Surfshark is the fastest yet most affordable VPN to use in China. However, you might get different results as it depends on various factors like location, distance from the server you are trying to connect to, and the current network speed.


A VPN makes it easy to protect your privacy and make it easy for you to stream your favorite content. Once you start using VPN it’s harder for your ISP to monitor your data and thwart advertisers trying to track you online. VPNs are also used to bypass government censorship. However, you can easily unblock all the streaming sites by selecting the best VPN in China.