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How to Watch Hulu in South Africa 2023

Hulu is only accessible within the US. However, you can still watch Hulu in South African region by utilizing a trusted VPN service, which will grant you access to Hulu content.

Hulu in South Africa

Hulu’s content library is diverse, featuring everything from current episodes of popular TV series to classic films and original programming. One of its unique features is the ability to stream new episodes of TV shows shortly after they air on traditional television, making it a go-to platform for viewers who want to keep up with the latest episodes of their favorite series. However, Hulu’s availability is limited to the United States and certain U.S. territories. The primary reason why you can’t stream Hulu in South Africa, or in most other countries outside the United States, is due to licensing agreements and distribution rights.

To address the Geo-restrictions and access Hulu from South Africa, some individuals subscribe to secure and reliable Hulu VPNs to mask their location and make it appear as though they are connecting from a supported region (USA).

How Can I Watch Hulu South Africa?

Hulu’s unavailability in South Africa and many other countries is primarily due to licensing agreements and distribution rights that limit its content to specific geographic regions. But, you can unblock and stream Hulu easily just because of ExpressVPN.

  1. Go for a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and set up the App on (Android, iOS, or any other device).
  3. To access Hulu, you would need to connect to a server in the USA.
  4. With the VPN connection active, visit the Hulu website or use the Hulu app.
  5. Enjoy the Hulu streaming like you’re accessing Hulu from the United States.
Unblock Hulu with ExpressVPNBest Speed for Streaming in HD

VPNs That Work The Best For Hulu In South African Cities?

When it comes to getting a VPN subscription to watch Hulu in South African cities or anywhere else, it’s essential to go for a secure VPN service that can bypass Hulu’s Geo-blocks and provide a stable, fast connection. Hulu actively blocks many VPNs so not all VPNs will work, Here are a few VPNs that have historically been known to work well with Hulu South Africa.

VPN ServicesServersConnectionsAccess in SAPrice/Month

ExpressVPN: Fastest, Secure VPN for Watching Hulu

ExpressVPN (the most reliable service) is often recommended as the best choice for Hulu streaming in South Africa or from other Geo-restricted regions such as Kenya, Jamaica, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, and Switzerland:

ExpressVPN for Streaming Hulu in South Africa

High-Speed Performance: Hulu App South Africa requires a fast and stable internet connection to ensure a smooth and high-quality viewing experience. The only ExpressVPN service makes it suitable for streaming without buffering or lag.

Consistent Connection: Provides a stable and consistent connection, reducing the chances of sudden disconnections that can disrupt your Hulu streaming sessions.

Strong Encryption: ExpressVPN offers robust encryption and security features to protect your online activities, ensuring your privacy and data security while streaming content on Hulu.

No-Logs Policy: ExpressVPN follows a strict no-logs policy, meaning it does not keep records of your online activities. This enhances your privacy and security while using the service.

ExpressVPN: Due to a good track record of working with Hulu, there is no VPN service that can guarantee 100% success because of Hulu’s ongoing efforts to combat VPN usage.

Unblock Hulu with ExpressVPNBest Speed for Streaming in HD

SurfShark: Affordable VPN as low as 45 ZAR/month

Streaming Hulu with Surfshark

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN for accessing Hulu. With a cost of just US$2.49 per month (saving 81% on a 24-month subscription), you can enjoy buffer-free streaming at download speeds of 88 Mbps and upload speeds of 79 Mbps. Surfshark also offers unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing you to stream Hulu on multiple devices. Unlock Hulu’s content in South Africa with SurfShark’s affordability and top-notch performance.

Unblock Hulu with SurfSharkHD Quality Only for South Africa

NordVPN: Fastest VPN @ 88.68 ZAR/month

NordVPN for Streaming Hulu in South Africa

NordVPN is the fastest VPN for Hulu streaming in South Africa. With speeds of up to 92 Mbps download and 87 Mbps upload, it offers a secure connection to over 15 servers in the US. You can subscribe to NordVPN for only US$4.79 per month (enjoying a 65% discount and receiving 3 months free with a 2-year subscription). Take advantage of NordVPN’s exceptional speed and extensive server network to stream Hulu seamlessly.

Unblock Hulu with NordVPNHD Quality Only for South Africa

How Can I Get a Hulu Subscription South Africa?

Sure thing! So, to begin with, ExpressVPN is a great choice because it allows you to access geo-restricted Hulu streaming South Africa by masking your IP address and making it appear as if you’re browsing from the USA. Now, let’s dive into the process of getting Hulu App South Africa.

  1. First, get register for ExpressVPN, and choose a plan that suits your needs.
  2. Download and setup the (OS, iOS, or any other) Aap.
  3. Log in and select the US server To access Hulu.
  4. Now, with the VPN connection open the Hulu App.
  5. sign in OR you’ll need to create a new Hulu account.
  6. Once signed in, you should now have access to Hulu’s content library.

Enjoy streaming your favorite shows and movies by using a secure ExpressVPN connection from South Africa.

How Much is Hulu in South Africa? (Updated Plan)

Hulu South Africa price isn’t different than their international plans which are as follows.

  • Hulu Basic for $7.99 or 148.96 ZAR/ month.
  • Hulu (No ads) for $17.99 or 334.09 ZAR/month.
  • Hulu + Live TV for $69.99 or 1261.26/month.

You can also subscribe to bundled packages with Disney+ and ESPN+ to save more. Follow this link for detailed pricing

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Hulu Student Deal

The Hulu student deal is a win-win for students, providing an affordable way to access high-quality entertainment. It recognizes the unique financial challenges students face and aims to make premium streaming services accessible to a broader audience. By combining entertainment and affordability, Hulu’s student deal stands out as a compelling option for students looking to enhance their leisure time without straining their wallets.

What Devices is Hulu Supported on in South Africa?

Here are the compatible devices for watching Hulu South Africa

Streaming DevicesCompatible Models
Android DevicesMobile Web 5.0 and newer
iPhones and iPadsiPad 10 Above, iOS 10 and newer
Fire TabletsFire HD 6 and 7 (4th generation), Fire HDX 8.9″ (4th generation), Fire (5th generation or higher), Fire HD 8 and 10 (5th generation or higher)
ContourContour 2 and Stream Players
XboxXbox Series X
PlayStationPlayStation 4 and 5.
ChromecastGen 2 and above.
Nintendo SwitchR1 and Lite.
Fire TV and Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Recast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.
Xfinity Flex Streaming TV BoxFlex and X1.
RokuVersion 8.1 or higher
Apple TV4th generation or above
Mac and PC browsers/appsGoogle Chrome v 75 and Above, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, UR Browser, Microsoft Edge v 79 and above, and Safari v 11 and Above
VIZIO Smart Cast TVsVIZIO Smart TV models released in 2016 or later
Samsung TVOS 7 and above

How Can You Get Hulu in ZA For Android Devices?

To get the Hulu app on your Android devices in South Africa, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. SurfShark is highly recommended.
  • Install the VPN Android App and connect to a USA Dedicated server.
  • Search for “Hulu” in the Play Store and download the Hulu TV App.
  • Create an account and sign in to the Hulu App.
  • Now Enjoy streaming Hulu on your Android device in South Africa!

Is Hulu Available in South Africa for iOS Devices?

If you are an iPhone/ iOS user, follow these steps.

  • Subscribe to SurfShark, our recommended choice for iOS users.
  • Download the VPN App and connect to a US (New York) server.
  • Download the Hulu app from the App Store.
  • Sign in to the Hulu App using your credentials.
  • Begin streaming your preferred Hulu series and movies on your iPhone while in South Africa!

Does Hulu Work in South Africa By Using Free Trial VPN?

While it is technically possible to use a free VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa, we strongly discourage it. Hulu has imposed restrictions on many free VPN services, making them ineffective for streaming purposes. Additionally, free VPNs often lack sufficient server options, leading to buffering issues and a subpar streaming experience. For optimal performance and reliable access to Hulu, it is highly recommended to use a reputable and paid VPN service instead.

What are The Quickest Way To Pay for Hulu in ZA?

Here are some methods that were commonly used to pay for Hulu from South Africa:

Hulu Subscription Payment Method
  • Use PayPal: You need a PayPal account with a valid address. You could then use PayPal as your payment method when signing up for Hulu.
  • Hulu Gift Card: Hulu gift cards is another method, get it online and in certain retail stores. Users in South Africa could buy these gift cards from online marketplaces and redeem them on the Hulu website during the registration process.
  • Get StatesPay: With a StatesPay card, you could potentially pay for Hulu as if you had a U.S. billing address. You would need to sign up for StatesPay, load funds onto the virtual card, and use it as your payment method on Hulu.
  • Pay Using StatesCard: Similar to StatesPay, StatesCard was another virtual debit card service that aimed to help non-U.S. residents make online purchases that required a U.S. payment method.
  • Subscribe via iTunes: If you have an iOS device, you might have been able to subscribe to Hulu through the iTunes Store. This allowed you to pay for your Hulu subscription via your Apple ID.

How to Get a Free Hulu Subscription South Africa?

Is Hulu free trial South Africa works? To take advantage of the Hulu free trial, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Hulu website.
  • Sign up for the “Get a Free Month” option.
  • Select one of the mentioned payment plans.
  • Enjoy 30 days of free streaming without any charges.
  • If you decide to continue streaming after the 30-day trial period, a fee will be charged accordingly.

When Is Hulu Coming to South Africa?

Is Hulu coming to South Africa? Hulu had not yet announced plans to expand its service to South Africa. However, streaming service availability can change over time, and companies like Hulu often make announcements about international expansions.

Final Wordings

Unblocking Hulu in South Africa is a simple task with the assistance of a VPN. By subscribing to a premium VPN service such as SurfShark, you can easily obtain an American IP address and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. A VPN not only grants access to streaming platforms but also enhances online security and privacy by safeguarding your data.

SurfShark is highly recommended as the best VPN for South Africa. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it risk-free. With its reliable performance and robust features, it ensures a seamless streaming experience while providing peace of mind in terms of online security and privacy.