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FastestVPN Review: $40 Lifetime Deal with 10 Multi-logins

FastestVPN Review

Just like its name implies FastestVPN strives to provide the fastest VPN available. To start with such a superlative and then back it up is no simple feat. FastestVPN, despite being a reliable VPN, tries its best to be one of the fastest service providers out there. It should be considered one of the best VPNs.

The Cayman Islands, where the VPN is based, are known for their excellent security and privacy. Having ten simultaneous connections, no logs, P2P-optimized servers, and claims to remove region restrictions on the majority of the top streaming sites, FastestVPN provides a strong set of premium features.

If you are planning to buy this VPN and want to know if it is worth a purchase, make sure to read it till the very end. In this article, we will test everything related to FastestVPN.

Money Back Guarantee15 Days
Does VPN keep logs?No
Number of Servers500+
Number of Devices Per License10
Kill SwitchYes
Based in CountryCayman Islands
Supports TorrentingYes

How FastestVPN Unblock American Netflix

There are about 100+ streaming servers available to unblock Netflix US from anywhere.

We were impressed by how each of these servers easily let us unblock entire Netflix libraries. Many VPNs exclusively allow access to Netflix Originals. This is essentially the version of the entire platform that exclusively features content that Netflix owns.

FastestVPN for American Netflix

During our tests, FastestVPN was able to unblock all libraries of Netflix. We were able to watch TV shows and movies without experiencing any blockage. Only in a couple of servers, we experienced a slight issue of buffering, but it was not excessive.

However, when it comes to Netflix streaming, FastestVPN works like a charm and unblocks many other countries’ libraries other than the US.

Enjoy Netflix with FastestVPNLifetime Deal with 10 Multi-logins

Best and FastestVPN Servers Location

FastestVPN has about 500+ servers in up to 39+ countries, well to have a wider range and is growing every year.

One drawback that we found was that FastestVPN doesn’t have the number of servers it claims to have on its website. This is, unfortunately, a gimmick quite a lot of VPNs do where they quote more servers than they have. This habit, in our opinion, makes the service less trustworthy.

Best VPN Servers

Other than that, their coverage across Europe and Asia is good, but best around the US. It has about 14 servers in the US from the east to the west coast. One thing you can do is tap and press on any server in order to add it to your favorites list. All in all, we really liked how it was extremely easy to move from its server types: regular, streaming, and double VPN.

Get Your Favorite Deal For FastestVPN

The VPN’s monthly plan is somewhere around typical, but when you choose a long-term subscription, the price drops dramatically, plan is about $40 Lifetime with 15 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Plus, PayPal and credit card payments are also accepted with cryptocurrencies, you can also make anonymous payments. It will accept Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

Get Your Best Deal

If you wish to test this VPN risk-free first, there is a 15-day money-back guarantee. That’s a lot less time than the typical 30 days offered by the majority of VPNs. However, one good thing is that each tier offers 2TB of cloud storage and a password manager without charging extra. These capabilities are often exclusive to long-term subscriptions with VPNs.

To be sure the refund procedure was reliable, we tested that out as well. While our account settings didn’t have a canceling option, we used live chat to make the request. When we declined twice, the FastestVPN agent gave up trying to persuade me to stay and agreed to handle my request. We also got a useful tutorial on how to stop all recurring payments on PayPal. It took 16 days to receive the entire refund.

FastestVPN Extensions For Chrome and Firefox

Having an extension aids in surfing on various browsers safely. This is a way that is quite hassle-free and needs pretty less time and space. One thing that you need to remember is that with this, you can only encrypt anything you do on that browser only.

FastestVPN Extensions for Chrome and FireFox
Get FastestVPN for Chrome and FirefoxLifetime Deal with 10 Multi-logins

Fortunately, FastestVPN has a VPN extension for both Firefox and Chrome. You can easily follow the instructions below.

How To Install and Connect FastestVPN Chrome Extension

  • Go to Google Chrome browser and visiting the following link Chrome Web Store Link.
  • Now “Add to Chrome“.
How To Install and Connect FastestVPN Chrome Extension
  • the extension will automatically be added to your Google Chrome browser.
extension will automatically be added
  • Type in your username and password.
Hit on the icon of
  • Select any of your preferred VPN locations.
Select Country
  • FastestVPN will begin connecting. Wait till it connects.
FastestVPN will begin connecting
  • FastestVPN Chrome extension also has Adblock and a WebRTC feature. It is up to you to either switch these add-ons off or on.
switch these add-ons

How To Download and Connect FastestVPN On Firefox

  • Go To Firefox browser and visiting the following link Firefox Add-on
  • Add to Firefox Browser.
Add to Firefox
  • Check on “Allow this extension to run in Private Windows” After that, press Okay, Got it.
Allow this extension to run
  • Type in the credentials that you used for signing up.
press Login
  • Head over to your list of VPN server locations and then select your preferred server location.
Select Countries
  • You are now connected.
VPN will connect soon
  • FastestVPN Firefox has a few add-ons, such as Adblocker and WebRTC features. You can easily turn it on or off, depending on your desired settings.
You can stream over

How To Install and Use FastestVPN On Windows

  • First, download the FastestVPN windows application.
  • Extract all of the downloaded files. Then press on Fastest Installer in order to begin the installation process.
Extract all of the downloaded files
  • Once your installation is finished, select Close and then wait for a couple of minutes till the FastestVPN app window appears.
installation is finished
  • It will direct you to the login screen. Type in your username and password.
Type in your username
  • Now select the any of your preferred country servers.
select region
  • This is it! Now you can browse the internet safely.
Select your preferred server

How To Install and Connect FastestVPN On macOS

  • Installing the App for FastestVPN in macOS by going to the App store.
Install FastestVPN
  • Then Launch the application and log in by clicking the user icon.
Launch the application
  • Type in your credentials and select the server location that you want to use.
server location you want to use
  • When prompted for permission, input your Mac password and click “Always Allow.”
input your Mac password
  • You are now connected to FastestVPN.
Now you connected to VPN

How To Install FastestVPN On Android and iPhone

  • Download the Android version from the Google Play Store and for iPhone go to Apple store.
  • Type your username and password.
Start the application
  • Choose the name of the server location you want to use.
name of the server location
  • Press the rounded button in order to connect and you are connected.
order to connect to the location

How To Install and Use FastestVPN On Firestick

  • Begin by heading over to your Fire Stick. Then click on Setting and then Device.
  • After that, open the Developer Options.
open the Developer Options
  • In the Developer Options, click on ADB debugging to turn the status ON.
click on ADB debugging
  • After that, select Apps from Unknown Sources and hit “Turn on. “
select Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Now search for “Downloader” on your fire stick.
Search Downloader
Select Downloader
  • If you are unable to find it, you can download it from the Amazon Store.
select Open
  • Once it is downloaded, open it and enter the following URL on the search bar
enter the following URL
  • Now select GO, and you will be directed to the FastestVPN Downloads page. Select “Download Firestick TV App” after selecting “VPN for Amazon Firestick.”
Select Download Firestick TV App
  • The FastestVPN App on your Firestick will begin downloading.
Firestick will begin downloading
  • Once installed, select “Open.” You are now prepared to use the FastestVPN App.
Click Open
  • Type your username and password, and Login.
type your details
  • Once you are logged in, go to the Servers and choose any server you want to connect to.
choose any server
  • You will be connected to the VPN shortly. If you want to disconnect, select the lightning button.
You will be connected

How Does FastestVPN Give Support To Its Customers?

FastestVPN offers live chat assistance, which is available around the clock, which was a huge success for us. Whenever we had queries, the team always responded promptly, and if there was a problem during the installation process, they provided a useful answer. Another thing worth noting and appreciating is how the support team never tried to log out while patiently responding to our inquiries. In numerous other VPN live chats, the customer service representatives disconnect very quickly, even when you are still typing.

Customer Support for FastestVPN

The live chat is accessible via the settings page in your App or the lower-right corner of FastestVPN’s website. FastestVPN offers live chat in addition to email assistance and a page with frequently asked issues.

Yes, despite the suspicions, FastestVPN comes with quite strong security measures and has a stern no-logs policy which is there to help you protect your data from unwarranted eyes. It is from the Cayman Islands, which is known for respecting privacy.

While finding the privacy policy of the VPN, we discovered that it actually does not log or share any of your data. The customer service staff at FastestVPN told us that this was true even for their Russian servers.

Yes, this is an amazing this about FastestVPN. They have an extremely incredible list of devices that are compatible with them. Despite being a small VPN service provider, it is actually compatible with almost all platforms and devices, even game consoles, NAS devices, and routers.

To make it easier for its user, FastestVPN has in-depth guides for how you can set up and install this VPN on each and every Device.

Final Words

Although FastestVPN is quite a simple and inexpensive VPN, it is not the fastest VPN out there. However, despite being so small, there is so much that this VPN offers. If you’re seeking a simple VPN that is compatible with different Netflix libraries and other well-known streaming services, it might be useful for you. It also includes decent privacy and security options, and in our opinion, it makes a real effort to keep you secure online.

While it may not be the fastest, it provides a lot for its price.