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Get Subscribe and Access Hulu in the Republic of Kenya

Hulu is not available in Kenya due to content regulations. However, with the help of a premium VPN, you can watch Hulu in Kenya. Unless you do so, you will see the following message when attempting to access Hulu Kenya.

Hulu Kenya

Hulu stands as one of the most sought-after subscription video-on-demand services in the USA. With a vast array of top-notch live and on-demand television channels, captivating original TV series, and an extensive collection of premium TV shows and movies, it has garnered widespread popularity not just within the USA but globally as well. Given its impressive content library, many individuals in Kenya are actively seeking methods to access and watch Hulu in their country.

To bypass the Geo-restriction and safely access the platform, a VPN is necessary. A VPN employs various tools to conceal your local IP address, enabling you to access Hulu from Kenya. Keep reading to know how to stream Hulu Kenya.


How To Unblock and Watch Hulu in Kenya?

To watch Hulu in Kenya, follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service. We recommend SurfShark.
  2. Download and install the VPN App on your streaming device.
  3. Log-in to the app and connect to a US (Dallas) server.
  4. Visit the Hulu website or download the Hulu app.
  5. Start streaming shows, movies on Hulu in Mombasa. Enjoy![End_Highlighter]
Unblock Hulu in KenyaBest Speed for Streaming in HD Quality

Best Working VPNs To Access Hulu in Nakuru

  • SurfShark: 3200+ Servers in 100 Countries @ [Surfshark_Price].
  • NordVPN: 5699 Ultra-fast Servers in 60 Countries @ [NordVPN_Price].
  • CyberGhost: 7,000+ VPN Servers in 90 Countries @ [CyberGhost_Price].
  • PureVPN: 6,500+ Servers in 70+ Countries @ [PureVPN_Price].
  • PIA VPN: 1000+ Fastest Servers to Watch Hulu @ [PIAVPN_Price].

How Much Cost To Watch Hulu in Kenya?

Hulu has various plans to choose from including basic plans and bundled subscriptions. Following is the Hulu Kenya price:

HuluHulu (No Ads)Hulu + Live TV
Price in Kenyan ShillingKES 1119.40/moKES 2100.10/moKES 9805.60/mo
Price in USDUSD 7.99/moUSD 14.99/moUSD 69.99/mo
Price in Kenyan ShillingKES 1119.40/moKES 2100.10/moKES 9805.60/mo
FeaturesBudget friendly, Ad-supported, 30-day free trial, and No download optionsNo advertisements, Download available, 30-day free trial, and No Live TVLive TV Support, 50 Hours of recording, Unlimited screen sharing, Expensive, and Some advertisements

Hulu also offers Live TV which includes ESPN+ and Disney+ Bundle for USD 82.99/mo (KES 11626.90/mo). For Hulu users, this package is ideal as it ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience of your favorite TV shows and movies, free from any distractions caused by advertisements. Moreover, it offers unrestricted access, unlimited streaming hours, ample DVR cloud storage capacity, and the convenience of screen sharing without any limitations.

How to Get and Install Hulu On Your Android/iOS Devices

To access Hulu on your Android devices in Kenya, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service such as SurfShark.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in the USA (New York or Dallas).
  • Create a new Gmail account if you don’t already have one.
  • Go to the Play Store, search for Hulu, and install the app on your device.
  • Sign in with your Hulu credentials and start enjoying seamless streaming!
Unblock Hulu for AndroidHD Quality Only for Kenya

To enjoy Hulu in Kenya on your iOS device, you’ll need to make some changes to your Apple ID region settings. Follow these steps:

  • Adjust the region of your Apple ID to the United States.
  • Subscribe to a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN application on your iOS device.
  • Connect to a VPN server located in the USA, and we recommend choosing a server in New York or Dallas.
  • Open the App Store, search for the Hulu app, and proceed to install the application on your device.
  • Sign in using your Hulu credentials, and voilà! You can now begin streaming your favorite content without any restrictions.
Unblock Hulu for iOSHD Quality Only for Kenya

Verified VPNs To Get Access a Hulu Kenya

Finding the perfect VPN may seem overwhelming, but fret not, as we’ve done the legwork for you. Through extensive testing and comparisons, we’ve narrowed down the top three VPN services that are guaranteed to fulfill your needs when it comes to accessing Hulu.

SurfShark: stands out as an affordable option for watching Hulu. Boasting 3200+ servers in over 60 countries, it is available at a budget-friendly price of $2.49 per month. The VPN comes with outstanding features like Clean Web, Unlimited Simultaneous Connections, and No Borders Mode, making it an excellent choice for Hulu streaming.

NordVPN: on the other hand, offers an even more extensive server network with 5,400+ servers across 80+ locations in 59 countries. For Hulu streaming, it provides 15 optimized servers in the USA. The monthly cost is $3.71, but with the 2-year plan, you can enjoy a significant 72% discount, three extra months of subscription, and a 30-day refund guarantee.

How to Get A Free Hulu Subscription in Kenya?

Indeed, Hulu does offer a free trial in Kenya. To take advantage of the Hulu free trial, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Hulu website.
  • Sign up for the “Get a Free Month” option.
  • Select one of the mentioned payment plans.
  • Enjoy 30 days of free streaming without any charges.
  • If you decide to continue streaming after the 30-day trial period, a fee will be charged accordingly

Is any Free VPN Work for Hulu Streaming in Kenya?

While it is possible to use a free VPN to access Hulu in Kisumu, we strongly advise against it. Free VPNs often come with several drawbacks, such as security vulnerabilities, potential data theft, streaming and buffering problems, and significant lag times. To ensure a seamless and buffer-less streaming experience, we highly recommend opting for a premium VPN like SurfShark. It offers reliable performance and robust security features, ensuring a safe and enjoyable streaming experience on Hulu.

Yes, Hulu has a free trial for Kenya like any other country. This is only true if you are using a VPN that is connected to the US Servers. You can take advantage of free trial by subscribing to any of the plan from basic to premium. But be cautious! If you wish to avoid any charges, make sure to cancel your subscription before the 30-day free trial period concludes. This way, you can enjoy Hulu’s content without any cost during the trial period.

Final Wordings

We hope that our comprehensive guide has assisted you in accessing Hulu in Kenya effortlessly. For a fulfilling Hulu experience in Kenya, be sure to subscribe to a reliable VPN, as outlined in this article. By doing so, you can bypass Geo-restrictions and indulge in uninterrupted Hulu streaming in Kenya to your heart’s content. Happy binge-watching!!